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Shark Week On Sale!


Mantas & Rays

Sea Turtles

All Sterling Silver

  • Sea Turtle Necklace Pewter Pendant- Sea Turtle Gift for W...


  • Omega Chain Sterling 1.6mm

    From $37.95

  • Sea Turtle Necklaces Sterling Silver- Turtle Gifts for Wo...

    From $69.00

  • Turtle Keychain for Men and Women- Sea Turtle Key Fob, Gi...


  • Octopus Necklaces for Women Sterling Silver- Octopus Jewe...

    From $72.00

  • Shark Drawer Pulls and Knobs- Shark Handles | Ocean Theme...


  • Mermaid Jewelry for Women Sterling Silver- Mermaid Neckla...

    From $76.00

  • Omega Chain Sterling 1mm

    From $27.95

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