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Diver's Collection

As a Scuba Diver,  you've experienced something special that not too many people have. There is nothing in the world like it. Roland has been diving for almost 30 years and these designs were made for you and all your Diving Buddies

  • Women Scuba Diver Sterling Silver Necklace Pendant for Women

    From $60.00

  • Dive Flag Necklace for Women Sterling Silver- Scuba Divin...


  • Shark Necklaces for Men and Women- Bronze Shark Pendant, ...


  • Turtle Keychain with Dive Flag for Men and Women- Gift fo...


  • Moray Eel Key Chain- Scuba Diving Key Chain, Scuba Tank K...


  • Shark Diver Necklace Pendant- Shark Gifts for Women and M...


  • Sea Turtle Necklace Pendant with Dive Flag- Dive Flag Se...


  • Leatherback Turtle Pin, Hatchling Sea Life Lead Free Pew...


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