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The Artist Behind Big Blue

Born in Massachusetts in 1965 Roland St. John has always had a passion for nature since childhood. Now an experienced diver and underwater videographer for over 25 years he has filmed some of the most spectacular marine life around the world.

The footage also enables Roland to capture the animals in motion, which helps him to sculpt realistic as well as his contemporary works of art. His passion for our Oceans has led him to use his art to help create awareness and become involved in protecting threatened species around the world.

Big Blue - Aquatic Gifts started in 1997 and now offers over 100 different styles including Jewelry, Bronze Sculptures, and Home Decor, all Made In the USA.

Support & Conservation

Roland is a supporter of The Sea Shepherds Conservation Society creating and donating art to help Canadian seals, dolphins, whales, sharks, turtles, and other marine life. He is also on the Board of directors for SOLO (Save Our Leatherbacks Operation) Founded by Larry McKenna, to help save the critically endangered Pacific Leatherback sea turtles.

Roland has been working with Shark Angels Founder Julie Andersen and Director of Operations Jamie Pollack and their mission to educate worldwide and ban the sale and distribution of shark fin products.

In 2009 Roland St. John was inducted into the Ocean Artist Society Founded by Wyland, Guy Harvey, and Bob Talbot. Uniting Artists to inspire people around the world to help preserve our natural world.

"We need to educate and connect people with nature so they can truly appreciate it. Only then will they begin to help protect it."

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