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This unique line of jewelry, home decor and sculptures were inspired by the true beauty of marine life in it's natural habitat. Roland St. John has captured the realistic details and the flowing motion of these wonderful and majestic animals. They are created in various materials such as Pewter, Bronze, Sterling Silver, and 14K gold.
  • Sea Turtle Necklace Pewter Pendant- Sea Turtle Gift for W...


  • Omega Chain Sterling 1.6mm

    From $37.95

  • Sea Turtle Necklaces Sterling Silver- Turtle Gifts for Wo...

    From $69.00

  • Octopus Necklace Pewter Pendant- Octopus Gift for Women a...


  • Octopus Necklaces for Women Sterling Silver- Octopus Jewe...

    From $72.00

  • Mermaid Jewelry for Women Sterling Silver- Mermaid Neckla...

    From $76.00

  • Omega Chain Sterling 1mm

    From $27.95

  • Stingray Necklace Sterling Silver- Manta Ray Necklace, St...

    From $132.00

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