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Product Care: Pewter

Roland St John | | 0 comments

Product Care: Pewter

Hi Everyone:

    Many ocean friends have asked me about the pewter pendants" Can you wear it in the ocean?". The answer depends on a few factors. First of all, my line is Ocean Themed Jewelry not Ocean Proof. Salt in the oceans is very corrosive and can have a major affect on the life of you necklace. Our Pewter pendants are made of lead-free pewter which is almost pure tin. Tin won't rust but the pieces have a clear acrylic finish which can wear off quickly left in salt water for too long. The black braided cords that come with the pewter pendants are made of acrylic not leather for the reason they will last longer. If you do wear it in the ocean it's important to wash it off often in cool fresh water. Thanks Everyone,


Roland St John

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